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Chinese Simple Luxury Modern Acrylic Led Ceiling Lights for living room

Chinese Simple Luxury Modern Acrylic Led Ceiling Lights for living room 

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Description  of this Chinese Simple Luxury Modern Acrylic Led Ceiling Lights for living room


China's simple and luxurious modern acrylic LED ceiling lamps are also becoming more and more popular for living room decoration. What types of Chinese living room ceiling lights are there? The flat Chinese living room chandelier flat ceiling refers to the surface without any shape and level. The top surface structure is flat, concise, neat and generous, and the material is also more economical than other ceiling forms. It is suitable for ceiling decoration of various living rooms. It is often used to splicing various types of decorative plates, as well as surface brushing, painting, wallpaper, wall covering, etc. (Paint latex paint recommended gypsum board splicing, easy to deal with joint cracking) Slab splicing should be strictly treated interface, must be treated with glue or epoxy resin. · Concave-convex Chinese-style living room ceiling lamp Concave ceiling is a kind of ceiling with a concave or convex structure on the surface. This type of ceiling is complex and varied, and has a strong sense of layering. It is suitable for halls, halls, restaurants, etc. Top decoration. It is often used in conjunction with lamps (chandeliers, ceiling lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc.). The led living room simple ceiling lamp is a type of ceiling that suspends various materials, metals, glass, etc. on the structural layer. This kind of smallpox is rich in change and dynamic, giving people a refreshing beauty, often used in hotels, concert halls, exhibition halls, film and television halls and other ceiling decoration.

Chinese minimalist luxury modern acrylic LED ceiling lamp for the living room decoration of the glass top surface is the use of transparent, translucent or stained glass as a form of indoor top, this is mainly for lighting, viewing and beautifying the environment, can be made into a dome The flat top, the folding top and other forms give people a bright, fresh, indoor and magical feeling. How to choose the Chinese-style living room ceiling lights First, before choosing a new Chinese style, you should understand the characteristics of the new Chinese style. : Classical style, minimalist, calm, generous, pragmatic. Understand this big premise, you can configure and design the later home, lighting and the like. Generally speaking, if it is decorated into an ancient style, it is recommended to select ancient style lamps to decorate the living room. Sheepskin lamps are a good choice. Of course, various crystal lamps, acrylic simple ceiling lamps for living rooms can be selected, but the selected lamps must be selected. If you want to use the atmosphere, if you choose bamboo lamps or lanterns with tassels, you will be more Chinese-speaking and express a subtle and dignified oriental spiritual realm. The lights play a very important role in our daily lives, and the beautiful and comfortable lights will bring us a good night. If we can pay attention to the problem of feng shui in the process of installing the lamp, not only beautify the living room, but also should be good fortune, good feng shui. Moreover, the luxurious modern minimalist ceiling lamp is elegant and generous in the living room style, bringing an elegant atmosphere to the living room, reflecting the self-cultivation and taste of the owner.


Parameter  of this Chinese Simple Luxury Modern Acrylic Led Ceiling Lights for living room



 Ceiling Light

 Acrylic&Stainless Steel

Colour  White
Dimension  L:450mm W:450mm   H:100mm, L:900mm   W:900mm H;100mm
Voltage  110-240V
Light Source  LED
Power  27W,36W,45W,81W,108W,144W
Style  European



Certification  CE/RoHS/TUV

 1pcs/CTN, Standard 

 Export Packing

MOQ  1pcs
Payment  TT/ credit card

 By sea or  air or DHL,FedEx,

 UPS,EMS, etc. or by yourself

Warranty  3years  


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