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“Jinn Lighting “ is a large-scale Taiwan enterprise. In recent years, we mainly design, manufacture and sell high-quality lighting to North America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia.
In 2018, in response to the changing of environment and customer’s demand, we increased “OEM Customized service” to meet customer demand, transformed into an enterprise with both ODM and OEM services, which repositioned the company's business model.
Based on the accumulation of resources over the years and through strategic alliance with lighting manufacturers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, we have expanded our product line. We have also integrated the elements of ophthalmology, optics and appearance design, focusing on providing comprehensive solutions for Indoor Intelligent lighting, from design, research and development, mass production to delivery.
We combine with the fluency of space layout, fashionable beauty and consider modern people's visual habits to provide healthy light, which creates a flexible and warm life experience of interaction between people and space.

What service

Our services include: ODM and OEM.
OEM is a Customized service, from design, research and development, mass production to shipment, including g the design projects of indoor lighting and the design of various lamps, providing "all-round and intelligent lighting solutions"
The feature of our lighting product is as below:
1. Category of the product: smart lighting , ceiling light, panel and recessed light, pendant light, tracking light, wall light, floor light, task lamp, magnifying lamp
2. Combination of the products: different types with applications in different places.
3. Function of the product: with heath light source and uniform illumination, high-quality production
4. Out appearance design: with the style of "avant-garde Fashion, elegance and delicacy"

Why choose us

We have the advantage of four teams, which are distributed all over the world.
1. Ophthalmologists Team at St. Luke Hospital, USA: Developing healthy light sources to protect vision
2. Designer Team in Pennsylvania state of USA: Providing diversified design
3. Optical Team of Taiwan Central University: Providing standard of high-quality optical lighting
4. Factory Team in Shenzhen of China: Producing high-quality products

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