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What about indoor lights:What about indoor lights?On market, the sort of lamps and lanterns is multifarious, the lamps and lanterns of different qualitative, illuminant and style make a person dazzling, choose a suitable illume lamps and lanterns, can bring sufficient brightness not only, and still can decorate grace for whole many.


Smart home acceptance continues to rise.According to the report, "convenience" is the biggest selling point for consumers to buy smart door locks.Advantages compared to traditional locks, smart door lock is convenient and quick, clear, installing a common door lock users, carrying keys appear very burdensome, for home installed the smart locks users, completely don't have to carry the traditional key, simply take his cellphone and smart locks greatly solves the customer pain points.


What size should I choose for the chandelier?Tell you what to do with the chandelier.In the family is decorated, we often want to involve the choice of furniture home appliance, this is a problem of a lot of respects, after all the area size that every family decorates and style style are different, so the dimension specification of furniture home appliance also can differ somewhat.

Jul 29,2019

People-oriented is the future direction of smart lighting related enterprises a long way to go.Compared with traditional lighting, LED lighting has advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and high power conversion rate. However, with the development of LED lighting source, color temperature becomes easier to adjust.

Jul 22,2019

Eye protection to protect your baby's eyesight

Apr 27,2019

The smart wake-up light adopts a white cylindrical design with a product logo on the front of the product. The whole is simple and clean, and the back of the product has a power adapter interface.The main features and uses of the product, including: sunset with sleep, natural wake-up, clock display, Bluetooth speaker and other functions.

Apr 19,2019

Smart lighting serves the living environment.

Apr 10,2019

  Intelligent ceiling light so smart and fashion!

Apr 03,2019

Task lamp healthy light source characteristic

Mar 29,2019

A smart wall light is placed in the bedroom more show grade

Mar 29,2019