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How to choose a good task lamp

2019-03-23 11:09:16

After several years of rapid development of task lamp, various desk lamps are now dazzling. When purchasing lamps, many people may not know what is the standard for measuring a good lamp. There are many types of lamps, and the bulbs are divided into: energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, and led bulbs. Control methods include: switch control, touch control, brightness adjustment, and even voice control. But what consumers want is a practical, energy-efficient, and reliable product.

First of all, we will definitely consider whether the appearance is good-looking and whether it matches the decoration style of our home. Therefore, a good task lamp must have a unique design style with an artistic touch. Platinum technology smart table lamp Teng lampshade, plus simple alloy bracket, sleek and simple, is your best choice.


Secondly, we will consider the elements of light, such as color rendering, color temperature and so on. The higher the color rendering of light, the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish the various colors of the object, so the higher the color rendering of the light source, the less likely it is to damage vision. If the value of the color temperature is too small or too large, the eyes will feel uncomfortable, so the intermediate value of 4500k-6500k will be relatively soft. At this time, you may also think of the strobe that is often mentioned in the light advertisement, which is mainly related to the luminous flux. The greater the fluctuation of the luminous flux, the more severe the stroboscopic light will be, and such light will also cause an uncomfortable feeling. The depth of fluctuation of the luminous flux of the electric light source is directly related to the technical quality of the electric light source.

Finally, we must look at the quality of the task lamp is qualified. One pull, two twists, three shakes, four touches. “Pull” means pulling the power cord plug out of the socket and pulling the power cord out of the lamp cavity to see if the power cord is securely connected. The power cord cannot fall out of the lamp cavity. “Tune” refers to the adjustment of various working positions of the desk lamp. When adjusting, the sound cannot be made, and the adjusted working position should be able to be easily and reliably locked. “Shake” means to adjust the desk lamp to the most unfavorable working position, then gently shake the plane where the desk lamp is placed, to see if the desk lamp is easy to fall over, and the desk lamp is not stable enough, it is easy to fall over. “Touch” refers to whether the heat-generating parts that are easily accessible when the table lamp is turned on for a period of time (2 hours) by hand, such as a lamp cover, are hot, in case of accidental burns in the future.

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