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Listen to professional say the choice of childrens Task Lamp

2019-03-27 14:17:31

First of all, the concept of "eye protection" is literally meant to "protect" vision, but it is only a concept of hype, it will not make your myopia less. A good desk lamp just makes you feel comfortable and will not cause obvious harm to you, nothing more. Let's listen to the professionals and talk about how to choose the Task Lamp.

1, color temperature

Some research in the industry believes that low color temperature such as 3000K makes people feel more comfortable, but it will make people work less efficiently, while high color temperature such as 5000K can make people more alert and improve efficiency, but it is easier to work under high color temperature for a long time. fatigue. Therefore, there is no recognized standard in the industry, and what color temperature is most suitable. It is recommended to choose a 4000K compromise, no need to entangle this problem.

2, blue light damage

White Task Lamp must contain blue light (it is purely a flicker that claims that its products have no blue light). The blue light in the sun is also very rich. There will be blue light hazard when working in the sun for a long time. Blue light is related to melatonin secretion. If you use color temperature before going to sleep, High lights may affect sleep, this is to be avoided. Now the lighting industry has implemented photobiosafety testing. The blue light content is divided into three levels: “Exempt”, “Low risk” and “Mod risk”. The products of major manufacturers are all on the “Exempt” level. Therefore, there is no need to worry about blue light hazards when buying large manufacturers.

3, strobe

The Task Lamp are basically dimmable. The dimming is basically using PWM technology. That is to say, when your lamp is not at the highest brightness, it is always flashing. If the flashing frequency is too low, it may cause some people to produce Uncomfortable, there are also studies that flicker can adversely affect people with mental illness. The basic flashing frequency of the big manufacturers' lamps is above 3K, that is, more than 3,000 flashes per second, and the low ones are also above 1K. There is no evidence that such a fast flicker frequency has any effect on people.


4, color rendering index

This parameter characterizes the ability of visible light to restore the true color of an object. Higher values ​​mean that the color you see is more realistic. The table lamps are basically above 80, and some manufacturers have done higher, and this is used as a propaganda gimmick, saying that the color rendering index is higher and more eye-protecting. I did not see rigorous evidence to prove this, so we do not have to entangle this.

5, the background light

I don't know if there is anyone who only turns on the desk lamp and does not open the room headlights. Just like turning off the living room lights and watching TV, I personally feel very uncomfortable. I don't recommend that you do this. You must have background light, otherwise your eyes will be prone to fatigue. . If you like to turn off the headlights, you can buy a desk lamp with backlight, but there are not many types available on the market.

6, radiation

The word "radiation" is almost stigmatized by the Chinese, so it is important to say that science is important. Radiation ionizing radiation (such as X-ray) and non-ionizing radiation (such as visible light, wifi signal, etc.), is strictly limited to ionizing radiation, for non-ionizing radiation, unless the radiation energy is too high, it has no impact on the human body, it is only Let some of the electrons in the human body rise a little in an instant. In daily life, wifi, cell phone signals, sunlight, etc. are all electromagnetic waves. The photon energy of visible light and the radiant energy per unit time are far beyond the wireless communication signal. If you are worried that the wireless signal will be harmful to the human body, it should never be seen. sunshine.

Any charged body must have electromagnetic radiation, and the desk lamp will of course generate electromagnetic radiation, but if you are worried about this, you should turn off all the lights in the house, because the light itself is the electromagnetic radiation with high energy! For laymen Say, buy a well-known product on the line, because the brand can make a name, there must be a reason.

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