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Smart home acceptance continues to rise

2019-08-05 14:28:07

Smart home acceptance continues to rise.According to the report, "convenience" is the biggest selling point for consumers to buy smart door locks.Advantages compared to traditional locks, smart door lock is convenient and quick, clear, installing a common door lock users, carrying keys appear very burdensome, for home installed the smart locks users, completely don't have to carry the traditional key, simply take his cellphone and smart locks greatly solves the customer pain points.

It is not limited to password to open the door. Currently, smart door locks not only support wifi remote control to open the door, but also support fingerprint identification, password identification, face identification, WeChat identification, iris identification and other methods. Even without keys, they can open and close the door safely and effectively.

Xiao qian, deputy general manager of guangdong mingmen lock industry co., LTD., believes that intelligent locks are the development trend in the future. However, the products on the market may only be a "transitional product".But the most important thing for smart door locks will still be safety, stability and reliability.It is believed that intelligent door locks will step into the road of sustainable development based on user demand and product quality, and will truly enter thousands of households.

Lei xianming, chairman of golden point atomic lock co., LTD., said that the intelligent door lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock, which is a compound lock with security, convenience and advanced technology.With the continuous development and improvement of intelligent door locks, the market of intelligent door locks will be further opened.For the research and development of intelligent door locks, domestic enterprises are also making efforts, "security" has become the direction of many enterprises.

At present, not only consumers to the intelligent door lock acceptance degree is higher and higher, more and more large real estate companies and high-end real estate, office buildings, but also gradually intelligent lock as a decoration standard.Beijing zhongyi kang times market research company brand general manager zuo yanque analysis, intelligent door lock in consumer households although the penetration rate is not high, but its sales and development scale has been growing trend.It is believed that in less than 3 years, smart door locks will get explosive growth.