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Technical requirements and classification of Task lamp

2019-03-26 14:22:03

skills requirement

1. Shading:

When the person is in a normal sitting position, the eyes should be in the horizontal direction, and the inner wall of the lampshade and the Task lamp source should not be visible;

2. Desktop illumination requirements

The working area illuminated by the Task lamp should be 250lx-500lx, and the illuminance should be ≥120lx.

3. Illumination uniformity requirement

It should be ensured that the illuminance in the working area illuminated by the desk lamp is relatively uniform, and it is not possible to produce a particularly bright or dark spot. Only by ensuring the basic optical performance requirements of these three points can the eye fatigue be alleviated, and it can be called a desk writing lamp.

4. The Task lamp shall be manufactured in accordance with the drawings and documents approved by the prescribed procedures.

5. The classification of the table lamps shall comply with the provisions of Article 2.1 of GB 7000.

6. The lamp should have a mark, and its requirements are in accordance with the provisions of Chapter III of GB 7000.

Then there are the styles of most of the lamps, according to the style: modern table lamps, antique table lamps, European table lamps, Chinese table lamps, luxury, simplicity, fashion and so on. According to the material classification: hardware table lamp, resin table lamp, glass table lamp, crystal table lamp, solid wood table lamp, ceramic table lamp, etc.


Different table lamps also have their own advantages and disadvantages, and specific analysis should be carried out when making purchases.

1. Advantages of wrought iron table lamp: fashionable, modern, diverse in shape, suitable for decoration and versatile, low price. Disadvantages: easy to rust.

2. Crystal table lamp advantages: suitable for luxury decoration, beautiful, grade, large size, thick and luxurious. Disadvantages: fragile, high price.

3. Wooden table lamp: advantages: classical, simple shape, suitable for Chinese decoration, the price is moderate. Disadvantages: easy to break, fade, open glue.

4. Acrylic table lamp advantages: small size, low price, easy to carry. Disadvantages: not on the grade.

5. Resin table lamp advantages: suitable for European style decoration, the structure of the lamp body is complex, and the style is noble and elegant. Disadvantages: It is easy to fade over time and the price is high.

6. Advantages of jade table lamp: exquisite and clear, high value of collection: short price, fragile.

7. Ceramic table lamp advantages: art, classical, diverse styles, strong viewing, durable, and affordable. Disadvantages: fragile.

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