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WeChat applet control Smart desk light

2019-03-25 13:26:39

After a long time, people became lazy and didn't want to do anything. After a few days of hard work, they made a small thing. This little thing is a Smart desk light controlled by WeChat applet. The board is very simple. Let's share the production method below.

Smart desk light can be controlled by WeChat applet: turn on, off, light, steady, bright, and of course, stepless brightness. The small table lamp is relatively rough, and everyone can play with their own imagination design.


The process of controlling the Smart desk light by the WeChat applet can be roughly described as follows: the small program sends data to the BLE Bluetooth, and the BLE transmits the data to the STC microcontroller through the UART serial port, and the single chip microcomputer controls the brightness of the LED according to the received data. The brightness is adjusted by PWM. Why should I use RGB tri-color LEDs? Because RGB can make colored light, the next issue I will modify the small program and the single-chip program, so that the small table lamp can realize the color adjustment function.