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What size should I choose for the chandelier?Tell you what to do with the chandelier

2019-07-29 14:58:50

What size should I choose for the chandelier?Tell you what to do with the chandelier.In the family is decorated, we often want to involve the choice of furniture home appliance, this is a problem of a lot of respects, after all the area size that every family decorates and style style are different, so the dimension specification of furniture home appliance also can differ somewhat.The choice of droplight is such, droplight is in a lot of places such as sitting room, bedroom, dining-room can be used, but because the dimensional size of every place is different, so droplight dimension is different also.Sum up with everybody today, use droplight in the sitting room, we should use how old dimension, the dimension of droplight is affected by what?

Use a chandelier in the living room

We might as well recall first, the sitting room in oneself home has how old.Presumably say to everybody also can be clear here, the size of sitting room space, have very big effect to the choice of droplight dimension.If be small family sitting room, the droplight that we use also had better be the dimension is smaller, use large droplight in small sitting room, such meeting make the decoration of the sitting room appears very crowded, originally not big space was occupied by droplight instead most, such sitting room decorates lost beautiful result.If the sitting room is very big of course, and the droplight that use is very small, the biggest problem is the light is insufficient, make the sitting room dim, and small droplight makes of the sitting room decorate very inharmonious.

How big is the chandelier

If the sitting room in the home is bigger, be in about 30 square metre above or it is the sitting room of villa model, can choose a few modelling to compare complex, the droplight that diameter reaches 1 meter to control, this appearance sitting room can appear quite atmosphere and have quality.

The area of the sitting room is above 20 smooth rice, lack 30 smooth rice again, the proposal chooses the droplight that diameter controls about 80 centimeters, such collocation can make of the sitting room decorate more harmonious.

If the sitting room is smaller, 15 to 20 smooth rice or so, the droplight that USES diameter to be about 70 centimeters is more appropriate.

And to the sitting room of 10 to 15 smooth rice, be about to notice the use of the space, after all the sitting room with little space USES too big lamps and lanterns to be able to make the person feels very oppressive, such sitting room had better use the droplight of the left and right sides of diameter 60 centimeters, while assuring practical and adornment effect, maintain the sitting room to have enough dimensional sense even.

Good, above is the collocation between the droplight dimension that wants to give everybody summary today and the sitting room of different area, in fact the choice of droplight no more than is the factor that pays attention to a few respects namely: the weight of the power of sitting room area, sitting room layer height, droplight and droplight oneself.Of course our choice droplight is to want to notice its view and admire sex and adornment sex not only, the practical of droplight also makes the element that we need to consider most.