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Which is better for office task lamp

2019-03-23 13:34:12

For those who often work night shifts, a office task lamp should be added as an illumination source for overtime work. Because it is very wasteful to open the office lights after work, and the empty office will make people feel lonely, affecting the mood and efficiency of the work. Therefore, a table lamp is very necessary, which not only saves energy, but also makes people lonely.


Office task lamp should not be too bright
Believe it? Excessive light will not only affect your attention, but also make your memory drop! Fluorescent lights are used in general offices, and most office task lamps are bright white. This color will awaken the cortical nerve cells to the maximum extent, allowing you to work energetically. The bad news is that bright whites can make nerve cells too excited and increase the likelihood of insomnia. If you think the lights in the office are bright enough, you don't have to put a lamp on the table! Of course, in the case of office lighting is not strong enough, you can choose a light yellow table lamp, so that the warm color of the light has a good decompression effect.

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