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People-oriented is the future direction of smart lighting related enterprises a long way to go

2019-07-22 10:04:38

People-oriented is the future direction of smart lighting related enterprises a long way to go.Compared with traditional lighting, LED lighting has advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and high power conversion rate. However, with the development of LED lighting source, color temperature becomes easier to adjust.Studies by Cajochen and others at the university of Basel in Switzerland show that light with a wavelength of 460nm can raise human body temperature, while light with a wavelength of 550nm has no effect.As the general lighting market becomes mature and the demand growth rate slows down, it is important for manufacturers to improve the added value, reliability, color and light efficiency of products.Along with the enhancement of the social humanistic consciousness, lighting comes into being.

Now, for the color temperature and the influence of human studies have progress to the commercialization phase, such as health care, education and the work environment more and more people using LED light source for lighting application places, in order to improve the human life, and even the international space station in Russia's "dawn" module is installing a new apparatus for variable illumination, to mimic the sunrise to sunset light on earth.

According to the European lighting association, human lighting is commonly used in commercial and home lighting fields, and the improvement of lighting quality through LED products, smart lighting systems and human-centered circular economy will become a new driving force for the growth of European lighting market.Smart lightingis mainly applied in intelligent home, intelligent building, urban road and other fields, and can interact with other intelligent home systems such as security system and entertainment system by voice.

Such as the latest BIC smart lighting solution architecture is based on Internet of lighting, the construct of bluetooth smart lighting control, can be acquired through the bluetooth key components used by the lamps and lanterns, data collection and analysis, through integration with building management platform, in addition to providing personalized lighting control, also can match Beacon positioning system, provide the LBS (Location -based service) related application services, personnel tracking, asset management, indoor navigation, electronic fence, information pushing seeding, hot spot analysis, etc.

In the field of smart lighting, LED can realize people-oriented lighting by combining with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of things.At present, "by lighting" of attention increasingly, many lighting manufacturers such as osram, ge, philips, opple stripping traditional lighting business in succession, such as international companies looking for niche, has been investing in people due to lighting, layout, and displayed on the light show lighting system "people-oriented".It is worth mentioning that the main focus of Frankfurt lighting 2018 is to show the world how to build a smarter life for human beings and to establish the main axis of human lighting.